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Included extra error checking on EAfnSubNetworkSlot_ReportDevices to make certain slot range is legitimate.

FirmwareUpdate for TPMC - changed timeout for awaiting rebooting message to 3min from 90s to accomodate much larger updates.

Assuming you may have 3 cresnet equipment Together with the similar ID. Plug in the very first just one, use Network Device Tree to vary it. Plug in the subsequent gadget, refresh the tree, you will note equally properly. Seeking to change the second gadgets ID will fall short.

Added system for USB ActiveSync gadgets which support the pseudo-console interface (block manner console commands)

Mounted the issue wherever a Technique builder system not setting up immediately after upload to MC3 slot 2 and Toolbox studies upload failure.

FirmwareUpdate for 2Series processors - Included Test when updating for interim versions which can hold for the duration of add to sure other versions.

Improved effectiveness of ethernet communications. Really should lessen stalls, and tremendously increase text console and SIMPL Debugger functionality and trustworthiness.

DisplayList for TPSG - Set bug where by if only manifest file was lacking, it wouldn't be sent reporting "No information should be updated".

Generic Crestron USB products - If there was an erorr getting the string descriptors it assumed factors had been Alright and would match empty fields contemplating a tool was there when it wasn't. Fixed to assumed NOT matched if faults get more info when having string descriptors.

Set FirmwareUpdate for TPS command approach. Now we await "ebooting." in advance of get in touch with stick to reboot. This guarantees we try to eat just about anything coming back right before wanting to identify Along with the system is all over again.

Mounted some troubles regarding closing system sessions which could perhaps bring about problems for other tools connected ot exactly the same machine.

Extra SetupMode implementation for TPMCVersion2 technique to use "loaddisplay" to exit set up mode so it does not reboot.

Modified how XPanels are confirmed. Now The brand new "VerificationMethod" is checked along with the Regulate system's status is used..

Preset timing problem triggering a failure to detect some controllers if connecting even though the program(s) was still loading.

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